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Ecological Surveys

CC Ecology and its associates have a wide ranging set of skills allowing us to assess the needs of the project and tailor ecological surveys to meet these needs. We offer a wide variety of surveys ranging from Phase One Habitat Surveys/Initial Site Assessments to more detailed and targeted protected species surveys and vegetation/habitat surveys. We are able to undertake surveys to a high standard to the level of detail required. Surveys are usually undertaken using a staged approach which allows us to assess the specific needs of the project throughout the process; this provides a more cost effective solution to gathering the ecological information required.

Following the survey we would produce a suitably detailed survey report and full assessment of the site.

Species & Habitat Surveys

- Initial Phase 1 Habitat Survey/Biodiversity Checklist/Ecological Appraisal

- Aquatic Surveys

- Bat Surveys

- Great Crested Newt Surveys

- Reptile Surveys

- Dormouse Surveys

- Water Vole Surveys

- Otter Surveys

- Badger Surveys

- Breeding Bird and Winter Bird Surveys

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