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Implementation Work &

 Ecological Clerk of Works

Once a project has received planning permission and any relevant protected species licences it is often necessary to ensure that a suitably qualified ecologist is on board to oversee habitat management work, supervise the implementation of method statements or undertake the construction of mitigation.

At CC Ecology we have the skills required to undertake the manual work associated with habitat management. We are able to implement habitat management plans from the installation of fencing, initial creation of habitats such as grasslands, and planting to any ongoing habitat management such as annual mowing, hedge cutting or woodland management.

As licensed ecologists we are able to act as Named Ecologists on a European Protected Species Licence and provide guidance, support and supervision during site works such as demolitions and site clearances.

As highly skilled ecologists we are able to provide a rounded and all encompassing approach to implementation works. Our Ecological Clerk of Works (ECoW) service ensures that a suitably experienced ecologist is available throughout the implementation process to guide and provide advice on any ecological issues and to project manage the day-to-day ecological site works as and when necessary.