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Ecological Planning & Mitigation

Once the initial survey information has been gathered and any further targeted protected species surveys have been undertaken it may be necessary to provide mitigation strategies to avoid or compensate for ecological impacts. If impacts on habitats or protected species have been identified it is likely that mitigation strategies to avoid or compensate for these impacts are provided  as part of your planning application.

CC Ecology is highly skilled and knowledgeable in the design of suitable mitigation. Our ideas are practical and innovative, allowing us to meet both the needs of the project, nature conservation and the client. We recognise that all projects are different and therefore our advice is based on the information we have gathered through our suitably detailed surveys and assessment of the impacts, which allows us to provide bespoke mitigation.

CC Ecology and its associates are suitably qualified to deal with licence applications and the design of mitigation strategies for a wide variety of protected species, with particular expertise in dealing with bats, Great Crested Newts, dormice and reptiles.

- Mitigation Design for a Variety of Species and Habitats

- Preparation of Mitigation Strategies

- Habitat/Site Management Plans

- European Protected Species Licensing