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Protected Species Licensing

CC Ecology and its associates hold a wide range of protected species survey licences and are highly skilled in assessing the survey requirements to suit the project. As highly experienced and skilled ecologists we have a proven track record in successfully gaining development licences for protected species and are able to work as the Named Ecologist guiding you through the licensing process.  

In order to implement your proposals it may be necessary to gain a protected species development licence to undertake the work lawfully. Such licences are usually applied for following the granting of your planning application and should be in place before any works commence on site that may have an impact on the particular protected species present.

CC Ecology and its associates are highly experienced in gaining protected species development licences for a variety of species. CC Ecology can provide expert and pragmatic advice in the gaining of protected species development licences particularly those for European Protected Species such as bats, Great Crested Newts and Dormice, as well as those required for Badgers, Water Voles and many other species that are less commonly encountered.

In order to gain a development licence a suitably designed mitigation strategy will need to be developed that ensures that the impacts of the proposals on the species are fully mitigated or compensated. CC Ecology is highly skilled and knowledgeable in the design of suitable mitigation. We take both the needs of the species and the project into consideration and are able to design practical and innovative solutions to any problem. We pride ourselves on listening to our clients needs and by working closely with other professionals from architects to builders we can find a way whereby the needs of both the project and nature conservation are met.